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The purpose of Life is to be happy.  - Dalai Lama

We offer functional beverages, capsules, and patches, that through the science of Nootropics and our unique propriety blends enhance the happy hormones and improve cognitive functions allowing you to feel better, focus better, sleep better, perform better, you even look better!

A cup of happy. A dose of healthy. Fuel for the good life.

We love our customers.
We support them.
We want them to feel a positive shift in their lives.

The Happy Co. is a lifestyle.

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When we are balanced we see things more clearly; our sense of humor improves, and we recognize what is important. When we are balanced life is easier.

The Happy Co. products help you gain and maintain  balance.



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Fit & Happy Weight Loss System

We call it the “Fit & Happy Weight Loss System,” but you might call it the “Holy Macaroni I Feel Awesome System” or the “Ahhh, I Feel Like Myself Again System” or the “Watch Out World! System.” Whatever you call it, it includes a delicious Vanilla Shake that fills you up and blocks your cravings, Energy Caps to keep you going strong all day, and a calming nighttime Chill Drink to reset your brain and body so you can do it all again tomorrow.

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ALL-IN-ONE Happy Shake™ Birthday Cake (28 Servings)

It’s your birthday today!
It’s the shake that tastes like cake.
Give yourself this gift every day. Nutrient-dense fruits and veggies. High-quality protein. 11 vitamins at 100% RDA. 72 ionic trace minerals. Antioxidants. Plant fiber. Low sugar. Keto friendly. 100 calories. NO artificial sweeteners, preservatives or GMOs. Everything you need to feel great and lose weight.

Happy Shake


defense drops

Defense Drops™

Today is going to be a great day!
Unless you’re sick. Then it’s tough to be at your best ... or even at your “okay-est.” So, let’s cut that off at the pass, with some of nature’s most powerful preventative friends: Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Echinacea, and a warm ray of sunshine from Vitamin D3. Delicious natural lemon flavor in each drop.


Natural products that make you:

Plus, you can lose some weight too!


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