About Healthy Wellness


Our Story

When we set out to create Healthy Wellness, we did so with a few key objectives in mind. To help enrich the lives of others through the provision of insightful information and to deliver high-quality health products that actually make a difference to our customer’s wellbeing.

We are a brand that constantly innovates and offers new and interesting ways to help clients to build better habitual behaviour, make better choices, and above all else, add a little bit of Healthy Wellness and balance to their lives.

Every member of our team is passionate about helping us deliver products and services that positively impact the lives of others.

Everything we do is with this in mind.

Our Vision

To be a global center of resource, that our customers trust implicitly to deliver valuable and interesting information, and a range of high-quality hemp-extract products that promote wellness and enrich their everyday lives.

How Are We Different?

The Healthy Wellness brand was naturally derived from core issues that many people have to deal with in their everyday lives. Our working, dietary, and lifestyle choices can wreak havoc with our balance and have a negative effect on our overall wellbeing.

In what is at present, a highly unregulated sector; finding trustworthy information about CBD and CBD products is a real challenge. We recognized a definite need to provide a source of verifiable information about all aspects of CBD, along with offering clarity and assurance to consumers here in the US and beyond.

The other aspect of our brand is focussed on personalization and creativity. Whether customers come to us for lifestyle or nutritional coaching or help with choosing a CBD product for their individual needs; we proudly offer a tailored service that places our customers at the very heart and soul of our business. 

The Healthy Wellness Difference is a testament to:

  • Our Approach
  • Our CBD Products
  • Our Delivery
  • Our Sentiment

We believe quality CBD is something that all people, of all ages, can benefit from.

Our CBD Sourcing Heritage

It all starts with nature.

The industrial Hemp used in all our CBD products is grown under the bright blue skies of the iconic Colorado Mountains. It is also registered with the Colorado State Department of Agriculture, giving you complete peace of mind that our products are 100% compliant with the 2014 Farm Bill, section 7606.

The Cultivars      

Quality is the very foundation of our business, and this is shared with our partners who have more than 15 years’ experience in their respective field. We carefully selected the right people to work with after a rigorous vetting process, and we are exceptionally confident in their talents to deliver the very best strain for use in our CBD products. With high CBD, low THC, and Hemp that is rich in naturally occurring cannabinoids and flavonoids; their unique strain harnesses the power of nature to deliver CBD, that is perfectly infused within our range of products.

The Extraction Process

Because not all CBD is created equal.                                                                                                                                                    

Our Hemp extract is completely natural and free from any harmful solvents or plant materials. We use proprietary pharmaceutical extraction methods to make sure we get the purest full-spectrum Hemp oil that is a warm and rich amber colour, to use in our range of CBD products. 

Full spectrum means the inclusion of all cannabinoids. Typically, this includes THC, Cannabinoids such as CBDA and CBDG, and more. When all the cannabinoids are present, they work synergistically and provide better products and enhanced benefits.

Our Manufacturers     

Delivering consistently high-quality CBD takes work.

We are very picky about who we do business with because our CBD products embody the heart of our brand. We spent a lot of time visiting grow sites and production facilities to make sure we got to know our suppliers’ habits and businesses well. Having visited many companies first who were rejected, we took the time needed to locate and identify the perfect partner for the Healthy Wellness CBD range.

The successful manufacturer demonstrated elite levels of cleanliness, performance, with impeccable quality-controlled environments, and they care just as much about the end-product as we do ourselves.

Whether with suppliers or customers, we care about forming long-term relationships that benefit all parties involved.  

Our Testing Protocols

If it’s not perfect, it’s not going in our products.

Testing the Hemp Oil is a huge part of the process. Before we put our own label on a product, we will go through a robust testing process that tests at least three times, to be certain of its quality of content.

Testing takes places in the first instance with our Manufacturers. We then test the products in our own lab to make sure the taste, texture, and clarity are as we want it to be. Following these two tests, we use a third-party testing facility to verify the potency and the purity of form.

Only when all these checks are complete, will we then use it within our CBD products.