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About Healthy Wellness

We are a Texas based Health and Wellness company formed in 2017. We decided to get into this space because of the many challenges we face to stay healthy. We believe that balance is the key to health and well-being. When we try to find our way around life’s obstacles it is easy to get lost and thrown off balance. When this happens our health, both mentally and physically, suffers. With this in mind, the object then, is to be well-balanced. We cannot achieve for optimum health without it.
We encourage and support healthy living through in several ways; our insightful and informative articles.
We also have wonderful customer services that can help you with your needs. We offer nutrition guidance, life coaching For personal support we offer Life Coaching, Nutrition Consulting, Exercise Motivators. And a line of CBD products for your over-all well-being.
The Healthy Wellness family of products support a clean and healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to put a little bit of healthy into people’s lives.
We offer a range of products from delicious sublingual drops to soothing and cooling muscle rubs. We have a lot of informative articles, some are just a quick read while others are more in depth. .
We also have wonderful customer services that can help you with your needs. We offer nutrition guidance, life coaching, Theta healingbalancing tips and consultations tailored to your needs.



Our mission is to bring balance and wellness into peoples’ lives. We support our customers’ desire for healthy living through our insightful materials and innovative products, products that are of the highest quality and provide exceptional value and results. that encourage a healthy lifestyle and focus on overall well being



The purpose of life is to happy
Dali Lama


Our Vision 

To be a global center of resource, that our customers trust implicitly to deliver valuable and interesting information, and a range of high-quality hemp-extract products that promote wellness and enrich their everyday lives.

How Are We Different?

The Healthy Wellness brand was naturally derived from core issues that many people have to deal with in their everyday lives. Our working, dietary, and lifestyle choices can wreak havoc with our balance and have a negative effect on our overall wellbeing.

In what is at present, a highly unregulated sector; finding trustworthy information about CBD and CBD products is a real challenge. We recognized a definite need to provide a source of verifiable information about all aspects of CBD, along with offering clarity and assurance to consumers here in the US and beyond.

The other aspect of our brand is focused on personalization and creativity. Whether customers come to us for lifestyle or nutritional coaching or help with choosing a CBD product for their individual needs; we proudly offer a tailored service that places our customers at the very heart and soul of our business. 


Our Approach

We believe Balance is the key to Healthy Living.  Balance includes every part of your life. Although it is not always easy to stay on track, we encourage you to do your best. 

The most important areas include The Balance Basics.

The Balance Basics

* Diet,

* Exercise

* Hydrating

* Sleep

* Stress Management (Me-Time)

Studies show that these areas of life are the most important ingredients to stay healthy. The basics are a must! However, they are also the most difficult to control. This is where Healthy Wellness comes in.

Lifestyle Change Suggestions via:

* Articles

* Life Coaching

* Nutrition Consulting

* Exercises

* Motivation to help keep your goals.

Call 817-888-8808 for these services.

(Excluding Life Coaching – Go to the Life Coaching Anita Lane Website)

Our Products:

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We offer:

CBD which can help you manage the basics.

Besides this natural hemp extraction, we also offer services that complement the use of CBD.

*500mg, and 1000mg  Luscious Lemon and Orgasmic Orange Sublingual Drops

*Fast Acting Topicals

*Doggy Drops 

Our Philosophy

Balance Is Everything.

When we are balanced we see things more clearly; our sense of humor improves; we can focus; we remember what it is important; we make better decisions; we are not so easily overwhelmed; we feel better; and we even look better.

The purpose of life is to be happy.