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Balance is the key to health and well-being.

About Healthy Wellness

Get Balanced. Live Better.
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Healthy Wellness is a Texas based, women owned and operated company formed in 2016.  The challenge to stay healthy in today’s fast paced society was the inspiration to reach out and help others through a web-based organization.  It is the belief of Healthy Wellness that balance is the key to health and well-being.  Without balance, both physical and mental wellness decline making it difficult to achieve optimal health. This company offers encouragement to and support for those seeking a healthy lifestyle in several ways.  We will have regular insightful and informative articles introducing the reader to new ideas and concepts for healthy living.  We offer nutritional guidance, life coaching, and exercise motivational programs.  We also offer a line of CBD (Cannabidiol) products which has proven to be an effective  supplement  to those in pursuit of a clean, natural, and healthy lifestyle.  Our products range from delicious sublingual (under the tongue) drops to soothing and cooling muscle rubs.  Healthy Wellness prides itself in its highly personalized customer service. Our customers will never be just another “order filled”, but a unique opportunity to positively impact a person’s health and well-being.

The Mission of Healthy Wellness

Our Mission here at Healthy Wellness is to bring balance and wellness into people’s lives.  We support our customers’ desire for healthy living through insightful information and innovative products that are of the highest quality and provide exceptional value and results. 

The Philosophy of Healthy Wellness

At Healthy Wellness, we base our philosophy on the words of the Dalai Lama “The purpose of life is to be happy.” Like him, we believe it is not the material that brings happiness, but inner peace, balance, wellness, and health.


How we are different

The Healthy Wellness brand was established after we recognized that most people share some core issues that challenge and negatively affect our overall balance and well-being.  Whether it is stress at work, dietary challenges, lack of sleep, or busy chaotic lifestyles, most of us need and desire healthy, natural options to bring life back to center.

Do Your Homework

Presently, the CBD space is highly unregulated. The FDA is struggling to find common ground and come up with regulations for the consumer’s protection. Finding information about CBD and CBD products is easy, but is it accurate? Do your research, this space and the facts about hemp extract are constantly changing because of all the studies and trials going on today. Yesterday’s facts may not be the same tomorrow. At Healthy Wellness, we promise to provide a reliable source of verifiable information about all aspects of CBD.  


Meet Kimberly

Kimberly Pease


Kimberly Pease is a resident of Fort Worth. She previously lived in Thailand but returned to be closer to her parents. Kimberly’s start on the CBD journey is not unlike that of many other people. Pain and anxiety prompted her to take the first step. Kimberly began to experience hip pain that would not subside despite her efforts with exercise, stretching, analgesic and anti-inflammatory medicines. The chronic pain continued despite her efforts at self-treatment, so she sought the help of a Dr. who recommended surgery. Due to travel plans, Kimberly didn’t think the timing was right for surgery. She had a friend who suggested she try a CBD topical ointment to ease the pain. She noticed the pain began to taper off almost immediately. After continued use, her hip pain had all but disappeared. Becoming convinced of the effectiveness of CBD, she began to take the sublingual drops and after using those for 6-12 months, she was able to eliminate her anti-anxiety medication. Kimberly was completely sold on what CBD could do for one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. She then decided to enter the CBD marketplace and use her skills and background to help others have a positive CBD experience and improve their overall health.

Kimberly brings some unique qualities and abilities to Healthy Wellness. She studied at the University of Denver then began working at her father’s multichannel marketing firm. She spent ten years in Mexico City running an import export business she established there. She then ran an import store in the DFW area. Kimberly is a world traveler and is accustomed to finding unique, handmade quality products. She applies the same principle to her CBD products as she did her imports. She travels to the Hemp grow sites and monitors production all the way from harvesting the hemp, extracting the oil, purifying the product, performance of quality control, and bottling the oil for consumer sale. She is truly “hands on”! Her specially selected oil is never “mass produced” but produced in smaller batches where she can oversee each step of the production process. Because of her dedicated involvement, her customers can be comfortable knowing they are buying a high-quality product at an affordable price.

“I wanted to do it right. I wanted growers that were as particular about their product as I was. I was on a mission to find the ideal grower. I visited Kentucky, Michigan, Colorado, Oregon and California. I meticulously studied the various extraction methods and met with many extractors to educate myself further. I guess you could say when it came to manufacture partnering, I had some non-negotiables. I needed a manufacture that used growers with the right strain of hemp, exercised specific extraction methods, and whose Master Blender was a perfectionist: I became the perfectionist. I wanted to be certain only natural and organic ingredients were used. I made sure each extract batch was tested for purity (heavy metals toxins, and THC content.) I want to be sure that I am selling exactly what it says on my label. I don’t want any surprises, and now, more than ever, you must be sure of your product. There are so many people getting into this space that finding snake oil is not uncommon.” As an owner and operator, I decided to take an extra step and send out samples of finished products To Proverde, a well-known and established third party laboratory that specialized in Cannabis products. It’s an absolute priority for us to provide our clients quality. You can be confident Healthy Wellness products are what they say they are.”

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