Balance is Everything

Balance is everything. It’s true. And in today’s world, with the fast-paced internet on every possible device we can be connected all the time, and we are. From the time we wake up, checking our schedules, sorting our to-do list, talking to mom, or counting our steps, it is almost impossible to get balanced and stay balanced. Exactly when do we take care of ourselves?

How do you get balanced and stay balanced at today’s hectic pace? If you’re a parent, single or not, you get it. Whether your kids are young or they are at that age when you turn into super chauffer, or the kids are teenagers and can’t quite drive yet, (thank God), your day belongs to you. Get to school, Dr.’s appointments, work, what’s for dinner? Homework, a glass of wine please! Did you feed the dogs? Dance class, grocery store…your project is due tomorrow?! Baseball, pick up the dry cleaning, football, soccer, karate…ahhhh! Exercise? Eat healthy? Walk the dog! Who has time for bed? A good night’s sleep…what is that? When is “me” time?  

And if you don’t have kids, well, your days may not be this busy but your days can be just as crazy because you ARE single. Friends pulling you in different directions, do your parents need help? Dinner, work, charities, dry cleaning, play with the dog, exercise?, meet for a drink? And so much more. That is a pretty full plate!

Maybe you have too much time and have become a recluse, professional procrastinor, de-motivateder, or worse, depressed.  In any scenario, balance can be elusive. If you can breeze through days like this without being overwhelmed, get plenty of sleep, exercise, eat healthy foods, then congratulations, you are in perfect balance. This is where we all wish we could be, should be.

When you wake up, do you wake up with gusto, ready for the day, bring it on!? Lucky you! Or do you wake up look at your to-do list and then feel a little anxious, “I’ll never get everything done, I wish I didn’t have to…, Oh I’ll do it tomorrow,” even though you only have one or two things to do?

Back to my point, balance is everything. Balance and your health should be goals. When we are balanced and healthy we see things more clearly, our sense of humor improves, we can sleep, we have more to give, we can focus, things are just easier, we eat healthy, we enjoy more, we can manage stress, we feel better and we even look better!

OK, how do we get balanced?  If you are serious about getting balanced you will have to make promise to yourself, your family, a friend, or to someone close to you, The promise is to take care of yourself. Which means a healthy life style. If you are serious about living better, you’ll get healthy along the way. Making lifestyle changes is a choice. Choosing to live better so you can enjoy more is a smart decision. And, you can make it as easy or as hard as you like.

Making the commitment to take care of yourself results in better health, more confidence, happiness, but it  doesn’t happen overnight. So, until you are balanced you may still be overwhelmed, your to do list will still get longer and you will still put things off. 


But to help manage some of the stress or those brief moments of anxiety try a few or all of the following simple, yet powerful techniques.

  1. Breathe. Deeply. Shut your eyes. Focus on your breath. Breath slowly in through your nose filling your abdomen, then your chest, and finally your throat – hold it for 3-5 seconds- exhale slowly, go for a 5 count, through your mouth, relax your shoulders and feel the tension disappear. Do this a few times.
  2. Meditate. Start with a few minutes everyday. Sit comfortably. Set a timer for 3 minutes, use a gentle sound to let you know when time is up. Shut your eyes. Pretend you are going to sleep. Listen to yourself breath. Stay there. Pay attention to your breath. Recognize the thoughts that come into your head, file them in your brain (See Brain Filing) then let them go and go back to listening to your breath. When the timer goes off take a deep breath, wiggle your feet and fingers, open your eyes slowly and stretch. Move slowly so you don’t get dizzy. Do this everyday and slowly increasing the time. Benefits include a sense of calm, relaxed energy, ready to go.
  3. Enjoy this. Standing is best, but sitting works. Stretch, arms above your head, breathe in, now stretch up and back, hold it for a few seconds and as you exhale drop your arms.  
  4. Slow Down!  Stop for a minute, breath, regroup.
  5. Turn on the tunes. Find music you can sing to. Dance. Distract yourself from for a few minutes.
  6. Go outside, take a walk or just stand still. Get a little natural Vitamin D, disconnect, no phone. Even just a few minutes will work wonders. If being on the phone is a must, well, it will have do. Just go outside!
  7. Laugh when something goes the other way. It is not going to kill you. Its all part of living. Fix it the best you can and carry on.
  8. Talk to a friend, even your facebook friends. Check in.  
  9. Exercise. Reduce depression and lessen anxiety while toning your muscles. Cardio is especially good for getting rid of frustration. As we exercise our bodies release endorphins our happy-hormones so we feel good after a workout. Weights, cardio, Yoga they are all good for you. Pick one you like and go at least 3 x a week.
  10. Be grateful. Express gratitude for everything you have. Celebrate what you have accomplished. Keep a journal and when you are feeling blue look through it to remind yourself of all that is good in your life.

These are good for a quick fix, and are a good start to finding balance.  To remain in a more permanent state of healthy wellness (balanced and healthy) we must bite the bullet and do what we know we must do, eat right, exercise regularly and get enough quality sleep.  

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