Closet Meditation


This is a simple way to start meditating and a great, quick, pick me up, feel better technique.

About to have a panic attack? Feeling anxious? Just need a break? Head to the nearest closet. Once inside close the door, if you have room sit on the floor, if not find a wall and lean against it. Shut your eyes and pretend you’re going to sleep. Take a few deep breaths.

Think about whatever is stressing you, each little thing, okay now you have to, what I call Brain File. Put each little stress in a file. Name the file, ‘I’ll think about it tomorrow,’ ‘damn, I have to do this,’ ‘okay no big deal’,  ‘that is not so bad,’ ‘I’ve got time,’ or, ‘oh that’s a good idea,’. Once you have brain filed your stresses take a deep breath, thank the closet and leave.

You’ll still have pressure, but it will be organized. Write down your files. You’ll feel a big weight off chest. The theory behind this is you need to get away from everything, but just for a bit, to sort through it, the closet is the perfect escape because most people won’t follow you, and it is not where your stresses are. It is dark and quiet, perfect for meditating or getting your brain organized so you can breathe easier.