Closet Meditation

This is a simple way to start meditating and a great, quick, pick me up.

About to have a panic attack? Feeling anxious? Just need a break? Head to the nearest closet. Once inside close the door, if you have room sit on the floor, if not find a wall and lean against it. Shut your eyes and pretend you’re going to sleep. Take a few deep breaths. Think about whatever is stressing you, each little thing, okay now you have to, what I call Brain File. Put each little stress in a file. Name the file, ‘I’ll think about it tomorrow,’ ‘damn, I have to do this,’ ‘okay no big deal’, ‘that is not so bad,’ ‘I’ve got time,’ or, ‘oh that’s a good idea,’. Once you have brain filed your stresses take a deep breath, thank the closet and go. You’ll still have some pressure, but it will be organized. Write down your files. You’ll feel a big weight off chest. The theory behind this is you need to get away from everything just for a bit, to sort through it, the closet is perfect because most people won’t follow you, and it is not where your stresses are. It is dark and quiet, perfect for sleeping/meditating and getting your brain organized. And that is how you calm that overwhelmed feeling, organize it.