Entourage Effect vs. Isolates

In the world of cannabis plants, each specific produces many cannabinoid compounds including the well-known THC and CBD. In fact, there are hundreds of compounds that harmoniously interact together to deliver an “Entourage Effect” – where all components contribute to the therapeutic value when using the whole plant. This is in direct comparison to “isolating” components such as THC to create a product whole only value will be to get you “stoned.” An isolate THC compound will indeed be a powerful psychotropic.

All mammals have an Endocannabinoid system (ECS), a system of neurological receptors that can use the cannabinoids in cannabis plants for regulatory bodily functions. The endocannaboids system was discovered due to research into cannabis plants. The ECS is important to the immune and nervous systems and is a biochemical cell communicator located throughout the body. Cannabinoid compounds produced by the human body help with the appetite control, pain, and stress relief, balanced sleep and overall well-being.

Cannabis plants also contain terpenes- compounds that give plants, flowers and shrubs their unique smell such as lemon, pine forests and jasmine flowers. Terpenes protect plans from harmful natural occurrences and also have therapeutic benefits for the human body. Terpenes are known to bind cannabinoids to the receptors in the ECS complementing the Entourage Effect. They are widely used as anti-inflammatories to lower anxiety and stress, and as sleep aids and for digestive problems.

Entourage Effect

The cannabis plant has so many wonderful benefits with a combination of multiple compounds- isolating individual components might not make sense- unless that is the intended goal. It has been found that CBD (cannabinoid), has many healing properties. It has even been added to THC to reduce the psychotropic effects of THC- reducing anxiety and other negative effects of recreational use. The same applies to isolating CBD which would eliminate the benefits found in associated terpenes and chemical compounds. The bottom line is that the Entourage Effect, combining cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds found in cannabis plants, rather than used as isolates or individual components, yields significantly balanced products that can be more beneficial for the ECS and therapeutic or medicinal purposes.