Doggy Drops
1oz 100mg


Our Fury babies deserve our love especially when they hurt. Getting old is a bitch! Soft words, concern, gentle rubs on the head and ears plus 2 or 3 drops will give ‘Bailey’ relief. If your friend doesn’t like to be alone, (Who does?) a new bone, a squeaky toy, a positive good-bye and a drop or 2 will make it not lonely. Thunder storms can be awfully stressful, ease your baby’s woes with a long cuddle, and 1 or 2 drops. Nightmares will keep anyone awake, gently brush out that beautiful hair,( long or short )make it feel good, let baby sleep next to you and give a drop or 2 just before bed. Dosage will vary fur baby to fur baby. Adjust dosage a drop at a time and only after you have observed 4-5 days.

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1oz 100mg”