A Special Note Healthy Wellness is Finally has a Website!

Yea! Healthy Wellness is finally open for online business! This however, would never have happened without all the wonderful people who shared their knowledge and graciously gave me good advice.

When I started Healthy Wellness I quickly discovered that the Hemp and Marijuana space has a very steep learning curve. It is also filled with an incredible group of entrepreneurial men and women who have worked very hard to get to where they are today and who really know their business. They have my respect not just because of their success but because they are still down to earth, and incredibly helpful.

I would like to thank a few special people who helped me get HW off the ground, know that I truly appreciate all you did for me. To my dad for his never-ending belief in me. He taught me to believe in myself. To M, for her encouragement and support when I needed it most. To Paul for making sense out of ramblings. To Katy who I thought left me hanging but didn’t… (She had her own things to grow.) To Jones, Madison, Pedro & Lindsey who only got a ‘little’ frustrated when I changed my mind, and who (I don’t know how) endured my nit-picking. And Shelly who did everything like a pro! Tom for the greatest pics ever! To my brother, Herb, who made information gathering at conventions easy and fun. I wish I could remember all your names, and even though I did not do business with you, you enlightened me and taught me things I never would have learned if not for you. I would be remiss without thanking the people at MMI for your continued help and support. And to brilliant Borix from Cloud 9 for fixing my website! And Rafiel for introducing me! Yea you! And to the wonderful Green Lotus Hemp team, Daniel, Alex, Chris, Mike and Claudia for their patience and problem-solving skills. And especially to their fearless leader, Carlos Frias, who’s advice and direction was/is invaluable. I cannot thank you enough for your patience in answering all my questions no matter how late or how early, for fixing my problems, and especially for letting me learn from your mistakes.

Now, Keep you your fingers crossed!