A Special Note

Healthy Wellness is Finally Open for Business

Yea! Healthy Wellness is finally open for business! This, however, would never have happened without all the generous people who shared their knowledge and advised me.

Right away I discovered that the Hemp and Marijuana industry has a very steep learning curve. It is also filled with an incredible group of entrepreneurial men and women who really know their business. Not only are they friendly, they are also very helpful.

I would like to thank a few special people who helped me get HW off the ground, I am forever grateful. To my dad for his never-ending belief in me. He taught me to believe in myself. To M, for her encouragement and support when I needed it most. To Paul for making sense out of ramblings. To Katy who I thought left me hanging but didn’t… She had her own things to grow. To Jones, Madison and Pedro who only got a ‘little’ frustrated when I changed my mind, and who (I don’t know how) endured my frustrations. Tom for the greatest pics! To my brother, Herb, who made information gathering at conventions easy and fun. To those who enlightened me and taught me so much even though I did not do business with them. And to the great Green Lotus Hemp team, Daniel, Alex, Chris, and Claudia for their patience and problem-solving skills. And especially to their fearless leader, Carlos Frias, whose advice and direction paved my way. And thank you for letting me learn from your mistakes. LOL And of course, thank you MMI for you continue help, and support.