Habits that Keep Age Away

Keeping Age Away a Little Longer

The way we age and the way we look as we age depends a whole lot on lifestyle choices and habits. Even some small changes to your everyday routine can be beneficial for fewer wrinkles and lines, clearer skin and less inflammation.

Wash your face

Follow a nighttime routine of washing and cleansing will avoid break outs, a dull complexion and early wrinkling.  Dirt, grime, and city pollution accumulate during the day. Facial skin needs to breathe and time to repair itself.  A mere 30 seconds of washing with a gentle cleanser will keep your skin healthy and younger looking. Sleeping in your make up, everyone, is a real detriment to your skin. After you cleanse and tone your face and neck follow up with a few drops of a CBD skin product.

Water. Water and More Water

Our bodies are about two thirds water, so you must not undervalue the importance of water for your overall health. Dehydration is a  common malady for older Americans, sometimes leading to hospitalization. The body naturally retains less water as we get older and dehydration can speed up internal and external aging evidence of this is the appearance and dryness of your skin. An expensive cream from the department store cannot make up for the lack of hydration internally. The amount of water an adult needs will vary according to climate, exercise and gender. Traditionally the advice is 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water daily. 

Don’t Smoking

We all know that smoking causes deadly diseases and is the absolute worst thing for your health. But it also can adversely affect how you look. Vertical lines around the lips as well as other lines and wrinkles appear. Your skin does not properly oxygenate so complexion can become dull with not enough circulation. The toxins can also break down elasticity leading to sagging.


Good sleep is crucial for your health as well as your looks. The body must be allowed to repair and recharge itself overnight. Depriving yourself of sleep can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure, weight gain and diabetes. Not getting 7-9 hours sleep daily will also lead to a dull complexion and under eye dark circles.  CBD from Hemp Extract might help you calm your mind enough to sleep.

Eat Lean

It is most wise to limit saturated trans fats such as bacon, butter, and beef. But don’t skip healthy unsaturated fats. These kinds of fats keep your hair, skin, and joints healthy as well as lower the risk of heart attack. Salmon, avocado, nuts and olive oil are good sources for this.


The effects of stress, worry, and anxiety are some of the most debilitating things that can affect your health as well as speed up the way you age. It is important to identify stressors and their triggers and try your best to manage it. Try some Healthy Wellness CBD Hemp Extract to help sooth away the anxiety. Whatever works for you is fine, whether it is breathing, meditation, yoga, or walking out in nature.

Here’s to Healthy Wellness and Looking Good!

*CBD can help you find your balance. It is best to look up CBD and do a little research.

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