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Balance is everything.  It’s true.  In today’s world, it is  almost impossible to get balanced, and even more difficult to stay balanced.  Just to cope in these crazy times can be overwhelming.

How do you get balanced, and then stay balanced in today’s hectic pace?  If you’re a parent, whether single or not, you get it.  Whether your kids are young, or they are at that age when you turn into super chauffer, or the kids are teenagers and can’t quite drive, yet, (thank God), your day belongs to ~  get to school, doctor appointments, work, “what’s for dinner”  homework, “a glass of wine, please,” dance class, soccer practice, the grocery store, “your project is due tomorrow,” baseball, pick-up dry cleaning, football, karate ~ it goes on and on!  Exercise?  Eat healthy?  Who has time for bed?  A good night’s sleep, what is that?  When is my me time?  And, if you don’t have kids, well, your days may not be this busy but your days can be just as crazy, or maybe you have too much time on your hands?  In any scenario, balance can be elusive.

When you wake up, do you do wake up with gusto, and ready for the day?  Bring it on?! Lucky you!  Or, do you wake up a little anxious, “I’ll never get everything done, I wish I didn’t have to … Oh, I’ll do this and that and… tomorrow,” even though you only have one or three things to do?  Do you procrastinate with even the simplest of tasks?  Jump off the handle to quickly? Blame others? Just get a few little things wrong like the dinner party tonight? You are not alone, and you happen to be off balance. Weather it is a cold coming on, a bout with depression or just too many things that must be done, it is an overwhelming day.

You are not- grounded. Like a nervous fish out of water, or a well cooked piece of spaghetti that is stuck on the wall, you are consumed by to many  thoughts and every possible excuse, real, sleazy, true or not  you convenience yourself, that to just get out of all or almost everything will make you feel better, it does. Then you realize that something isn’t right. You are off balance. These are extreme examples but anything can get you off balance .

Back to my point ~ balance is everything.  OK, so how do we get there?  Practicing the following simple, yet powerful techniques. Anytime, day or night, and they will give you an exhilarating “healthy wellness” experience. A glimpse of balance. Something to strive for.

  1. Standing is best, but sitting also works.  Stretch, arms above your head, breathe in, now stretch up and back, hold it for a few (5-10) seconds, and then breathe out and et your arms just drop. Feel yourself relax. Do it again and  yawn if you can
  2. Start breathing, deep and slow, in your nose. until you are full hold it.  Then let it out your mouth slow and feel the tension disappear. The shoulders go down your not quite so tense. Your neck loosened up. Do this a few times.
  3. Get a little natural Vitamin D.  Go outdoors. No phone.  Even just a few minutes will work wonders.  If being on the phone is a must, well, it will have to do.  Just do it!
  4. Try CBD., cannabinol.  It is a Hemp extract which has a calming effect on the mind. It is helps me focus and relax.

These are all good for quick fixes, but to remain in a more permanent state of healthy wellness we need to be balanced. We must bite the bullet and do what we know we have to do: eat right, exercise right,  get enough quality sleep and be sure to make room for fun! If it is your own hobbies or a night out. Good Luck!

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CBD, or cannabinol, is one of 100+ cannabinoids that is extracted from the hemp plant.  CBD will not get you high, and when the hemp is grown in accordance to the 2014 Farm Bill it is legal in all 50 states.  CBD is regularly touted to be great for pain management, anxiety, seizure reduction, and its calming properties. You can find any number of articles and research about its uses on the internet.   CBD is usually bought over the internet, but you can also find it in some health and nutrition stores.  Especially look for the Healthy Wellness Brand Hemp Extract – CBD oil.  

Healthy Wellness LLC does not recommend or advocate the use of CBD. Any and all content provided here are for information purposes only. We recommend that one consult a health professional before the use of any supplement including CBD.

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When we are healthy we see things more clearly, our sense of humor  improves, we feel better, we sleep better, we even look better. We believe the family of Healthy Wellness products may help you find this balance.    (GO TO PRODUCTS)