Excerise, Get in the Pool!


While it is summer take advantage of the pool and do your exercising in the water! Instead of running and sweating (which yes, is good for you but, work with me here.) and dehydrating take advantage of the pool. Whether it is in your back yard, or the ocean next door, or the water classes at the local Y find that wet wonderland. The water is a refreshing change from those paved roads or indoor aerobics and weight classes.  A good water workout like others can calm your mind, help you get grounded and put you back in balance, but you gotta work at it.


Active swimming, the crawl, the breast stroke, back stoke or for you warriors the butterfly involves uses all parts of the body. It will hit muscles that other forms of aerobic and weights have trouble targeting. You’ll find swimming, especially if you haven’t done it in a while, can be more cardio that running!


Your body does not go through the same stress as when you pound your body running. (I say this but loved running just can’t anymore, bad hip.) You just don’t pound, pound, pound in the pool even if your run. Its low impact, quite effective and the risk of injury is minimal. It works well as physical therapy, keep your PT advisor nearby though.


Swimming can really get the heart rate up just as well as other cardio exercises. Try a few laps for a couple of weeks and you’ll see the inches slide off.


Almost all major muscle groups are utilized when you swim and gives each an effective exercise.  Muscles  will become more elongated and toned.  You can also use water weights which are more  resistance than lifting. But they work!


The water keeps the body at an appropriate temperature while exercising but it is not unusual to sweat lightly when doing vigorous exercise such as laps. This is especially important to those who might have the tendency to overheat due to various factors. The perfect water temperature is between 78 and 86 degrees.


With each stroke, you are exercising your lungs and breathing rigorously. You take deeper breaths because you are in water. Expansion of your lungs helps strengthen your lungs which leads to more oxygen in your body and your body will run more efficiently.


Classes of these types have become increasingly popular the last 20 years and they are not just for “slow moving old ladies.” All fitness levels can be addressed and the aerobic properties burn as much as if on land. Even if you do not attend a class, walking and jogging in the water are both great exercise and easier on the joints. Any land aerobic moves can be easily adapted to the water such as jumping jacks, twists and leg lifts especially when using water weights!


Often times lakes are deep or become deep quickly close to shore, so always use caution especially when alone. Any lap techniques from a pool can be used for swimming in a lake. Treading water is another way to burn calories fast and increase breath capacity/stamina.


This can be a tricky thing if one is doing it for pleasure or exercise. Laps should be horizontal to the shore. If there is a lot of wave activity, even walking in the sea can be a challenge. Currents, and undertows can be especially dangerous, so always pay attention to flag and sign notices even if you are a strong swimmer. (I don’t know why but I have tis fear that there are sharks so I swim especially  fast!)



This may seem like a no brainer, but you need access to a pool or a body of water, whether it be a club, your own, or a friend’s. Otherwise, you will never do it.


Continuous exposure to chlorine can damage your hair and dry out your skin. If you are not careful, chlorine can turn colored hair especially into a shade you did not intend. A good quality swim cap or a shower cap (if you dont plan on going under water) CAN HELP AVOID GREEN HAIR. A great help for avoiding dry skin and miss-colored hair is to shower right after swimming and then using a good moisturizer.


This is an infection on the outer canal of the ear caused by residual water and allowing bacteria to grow. You can avoid it by making sure you dry your ear and keep the moisturizer out.  Or, just don’t go underwater. But what fun is that?!


Swimming whether for play or exercise it is not only good for you it also is fun! It is a means socialization.  It is a skill may someday save your life! So, jump or dive in!! And remember to always be healthy, happy and well!!

I have to admit I had a hard time getting into swimming. I just didn’t want to get in to the water. Don’t know why. I think it was just being anxiety driven procrastination. I wasn’t feeling good about swimming. Not exciting like going for a run with my dog. (Now I walk; she runs everywhere.) I found when I started taking CBD it seemed to take away the anxiety of swimming. Now I swim.

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